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David Blagden
Business Development Director
Yesterdays operating model will not deliver tomorrows wins! The most cost effective way a company can improve its business performance is to ensure that its existing employees can introduce innovation (better ways of doing things!) Workflows give you regular insights into your processes, the people involved and a sense of how effective your business is in meeting its goals. With workflows, staff are guided to repeat business actions and tasks as a process. We convert a Skore process map into a low cost cloud based workflow that runs on PC, mobile or Tablet Read my article Introduction to Workflow Technology... (More)
Hi There I have two questions. 1. I was trying to add an attachment to a Word document on a file server and the system doesn't give me a preview it will allow me to download but just keeps showing the MS Word file w/o a preview. 2. I can't seem to add a system via business tools, I've done it like four times but it doesn't show up as a new system. Click on New System, type in SF and then click on new systems at the bottom, I've added comments, it looks like it's added but it doesn't... (More)

Release notes 31st of August : Improvement to printing feature (and others)


  • Loads of improvements in print !
    • Diagram template loads correctly in "fit content on page" settings
    • Diagram templates dynamic text (typically {{ diagram_title }}) loads correctly for each level
    • Better display of attachments
  • Lock / unlock process for editing
    • Review of the whole lock / unlock logic for preventing several users to edit the same process at once, and properly unlocking a process when someone leaves the process. Note, locks always expire after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Full text edit in "full screen" now handles the enter key properly for line returns
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes shift... (More)

Release 4th of August 2022


  • Tweaked the font of the box because it wasn't looking very nice on windows

  • Fixed a bug in the image picker, couldn't search for a media
  • diagram explorer shows the active level you are on
    • known bug: when navigating to a lower level via the explorer, sometimes the lines are not displayed

Business Tools

  • Fix a bug in the process owner report (was showing some owner with 0 processes... which is irrelevant)

Spinnaker & Migration: drop in recordings available

After yesterday's drop in here is the video of how to migrate a workspace

The first part of the... (More)