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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

User Drop-In Schedule - May 2022

Here are the Drop In sessions planned for May 2022.

*Changes to Drop-In Sessions

All sessions now run at 4pm UK time on Wednesday afternoons and will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. See further details here

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4th May - Process Basics - Developing Process Hierarchy In Skore

Hierarchy is an organising principle built into nature and helps us understand otherwise complex situations.

Translated to a process context, hierarchy allows us to start with the ‘big picture’ and break a process down into its component parts so that we can start to make sense of... (More)

We at Marjolo are seeing continued growth in demand for our Business Process Optimisation service, and as a result we are seeking business analysts and business process specialists to support this demand. The service provides our clients with an Agile outcome based service, to define processes, and deliver process improvements (including automation candidates and the resulting process automation). We utilise Skore as our preferred strategic toolset, and therefore Skore specific skills are highly desirable. We offer flexible client solutions and require both full and part time consultants. If you are a Business Analyst or Process Engineer, please find details at... (More)
How can I add sure name to a name already in the system. Is this possible without delete and sending a new invite to that specific person?
Do you guys have a customer journey map template or has anyone done one that they can share? I've done my process maps in Skore but want to create a customer journey map for insurance to share with non-process people.