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Real estate
What is real estate
ماهيشهادة CE؟
مصطلح “CE” هوالفرنسية للتوافقالأوروبي. هذايترجمإلىالمطابقةالأوروبية. وبالتالي ، فإنشهادة CE هيعلامةعلىسلامةالمنتجتشهدعلىالامتثاللمتطلباتالصحةوالسلامةوحمايةالبيئةفيالاتحادالأوروبي (EU). تعدعلامة CE إلزاميةلمعظمالمنتجاتالاستهلاكيةالمباعةداخلدولالاتحادالأوروبي.
David Blagden
Business Development Director
Yesterdays operating model will not deliver tomorrows wins! The most cost effective way a company can improve its business performance is to ensure that its existing employees can introduce innovation (better ways of doing things!) Workflows give you regular insights into your processes, the people involved and a sense of how effective your business is in meeting its goals. With workflows, staff are guided to repeat business actions and tasks as a process. We convert a Skore process map into a low cost cloud based workflow that runs on PC, mobile or Tablet Read my article Introduction to Workflow Technology... (More)