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Process mapping

Recently I've been experimenting with using Questions to frame the purpose of a process workshop. In the past I've found it useful to use a purpose / objective statement to help keep people focused. But sometimes these can be a... (More)
Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

The grouping of 'What Boxes' & 'Why Boxes' within a process can be achieved using the 'Grouping' feature. See below for a quick how to example.

For this example I have chosen the process 'Report on Campaign' within an example... (More)

Here is the link to the recording of this morning's Drop In session: Craig took us through Custom Fields, and the use of colour and icons. Any questions or if you would like some help setting any of this up... (More)

Start & end arrow options

We have given even more love to line settings recently. Last week we made it look better when lines are crossing each other; this week it's about the start and end arrows.

There is now a stylesheet option to toggle... (More)