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We welcome interactions within the Skore community. You are welcome to post questions, comments or concerns on this site. Our goal is to build a community where our users can share content, express their ideas, share experiences and provide helpful information to each other.

Product Releases / Updates

Performance improvements

We continue our effort to make Skore feel faster to use. We have recently released 2 changes (release 2.3.19)

  • On the server, we have optimised some queries to the database. Less queries = speed. We have also fine tuned one... (More)

Start & end arrow options

We have given even more love to line settings recently. Last week we made it look better when lines are crossing each other; this week it's about the start and end arrows.

There is now a stylesheet option to toggle... (More)

Better looking crossing lines in Skore Sometimes you have to concede. Despite all your efforts to design a beautiful process, you will have lines crossing each other. I really hate it when it happens to me. At least now it... (More)

Skore release v2.0.6

  • improved alignment of the boxes
  • tweak login screen on mobile