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How do wait times work in Quantify? Do they count towards the FTE numbers? Do you model out the other tasks that could happen during 'wait' times? These were the questions from a new user to Skore, trying to understand... (More)
Mark Barrett
Automation Consultant
Finding the New Quantify module very useful. Would like to compare an "as is" process with a "to be" for RPA projects. What's the best way to present the "as is" and "to be" in order to run the analytics?... (More)

New Quantify Module Released this Week.

Hi, just a quick reminder to let you know that our new enhanced Quantify module will be released this Wednesday, 25th November.

The enhanced version enables users to:

  • Understand how long and how much it costs to perform a process... (More)

Output from last Friday's Drop In session on the new Quantify module - 3 new "How to Videos" from Colin!

Hi All

Many thanks to those who attended last Friday' session where Colin took us through the new Quantify module's capabilities. Your feedback was really useful - so much so that Colin has shot 3 new videos which you can... (More)