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Questions and Answers

A Question for the New Week.......Templates - to use or not to use?

Should you start a new Process from a blank page or from a Template? Any thoughts please share. This will be the topic of this week's Friday Drop In Session!

Wishing you a Productive Week!


Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager
Quick Question: I am currently creating a spreadsheet that aims to track what processes have been documented against a list of existing in scope processes for a project. I am then evidencing the existence of each process by providing a... (More)

What message do you want to convey? To show the complexity of a process, you can make it look complex by adding all the feedback loops, failure paths and exception handling as possible.

This is probably not what you want.... (More)

There are 2 main ways to capture systems on boxes.

If your priority is to capture and see which systems are used, add systems as role on a whatbox.

This is quick and easy, as you are capturing roles... (More)