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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

Spinnaker Update Session Recording & BETA Program Information

Skore CTO @Colin Claverie recently hosted an update on Spinnaker, the next major version of Skore.

During the session Colin discussed the latest features, joining the BETA test programme and an update on migrating existing workspaces.

Below is the session recording for those that were unable to attend.

Joining the BETA Program

Now the release of Spinnaker is approaching fast, we would love your help for the last finishing touches.

The purpose of the beta programme is as follows:

  • Better understand your usage of Skore, specifically for us to get a better understanding of how the “new” features will be... (More)
Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

Skore Spinnaker - A Community Exclusive

Spinnaker is the next evolution of the Skore platform.

For those not already aware, there exists a private community group where we have been sharing more information and will be shortly inviting group members to try it out.

Today, @Colin Claverie Skore CTO has posted to this group an insight into the New Text Editor and Process Linking Functionality.

Whether you're a seasoned Skore user or new to Skore, we'd welcome your thoughts. So join the Skore Spinnaker Group here to contribute your thoughts, view the latest updates and register your interest to get a first look at the... (More)

Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

Skore Basics: Archiving & Deleting Processes


This short blog will inform you how to archive a process and subsequently permanently delete the process from your workspace.

Archiving a Process

A process must first be archived before being deleted.

What does it mean to archive a process?

When archiving a process in your workspace, you are removing it from the 'active processes' view in the workspace to the 'archived processes' view.

This means that 'members' of the workspace will be unable to see or access the process, but the process is still retrievable & viewable by admins & editors of the workspace.

Think of it as... (More)

Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

Skore Basics - RATSI - What's the difference between the R & A?

"I read your blog article about RATSI, but I am still struggling with the meaning of the R and A of RATSI. I need a powerful explanation with examples for my team"

We recently received this interesting yet common question into our support desk from an existing user. As a common question, I thought best to share our response with the wider community.

What is RATSI?

The blog that this user is referencing and where you can find out more about RATSI is 'What is RATSI - A better way to understand roles & responsibilities

RATSI is a responsibilities matrix... (More)