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Release 4th of August 2022


  • Tweaked the font of the box because it wasn't looking very nice on windows

  • Fixed a bug in the image picker, couldn't search for a media
  • diagram explorer shows the active level you are on
    • known bug: when navigating to a lower level via the explorer, sometimes the lines are not displayed

Business Tools

  • Fix a bug in the process owner report (was showing some owner with 0 processes... which is irrelevant)

Spinnaker & Migration: drop in recordings available

After yesterday's drop in here is the video of how to migrate a workspace

The first part of the... (More)

Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

Drop-In Session Recording: Demo of Skore's Latest Release & Migration Guide

Yesterday's drop-in gave attendees a deeper insight into what to expect in the new release and an opportunity to feedback thoughts and questions.

The session also provided the chance to learn more about the migration of existing content to the new platform to gain the benefits of the new enhancements and features.

We've split the drop-in recording into two parts:

  • Part 1 - An In Depth Look at Spinnaker (Demo)
  • Part 2 - Migration Guide

During the first part of the session, we provided an in depth look at the new release, exploring the new functionality & enhancements it brings.... (More)

Release 1st of August 2022


  • Improvements to side panel, main box text now looks better "outside" of the main attachment list so the separation between the 2 type of content is easier to understand. Also improved the look and feel of the custom field in the same panel
  • Improved navigation from search result page to a box -- sometimes it wasn't loading the diagram template
  • Diagram Template content now sticks to be in the "background", behind all the other content (cc @Craig Willis )
  • Fix stylesheet "preview" in admin panel

Business Tools

  • Bug fixed in roles & system reports

Migration tool (from Legacy)

  • Various... (More)
Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

This Week's Drop-in - Skore's Latest Release - Workspace Configuration & Migration

Wednesday 3rd August: 4pm (UK Time)

Join this weeks session here

The first of our Drop-In's in August will see Skore CTO Colin Claverie, introduce the new features of the latest release of Skore (Spinnaker) and answer any questions you may have regarding them or your migration.

You'll learn more about what to expect in the new release and how you can migrate your content and gain the benefits of the new enhancements and features.