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Back button is back !

We have now fixed navigation between processes using the browser's "back" button.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if there are still places where the back button is not properly managed.

Removal of .csv process export format.


We have been warned that .csv process report export format may cause some security problems under some very specific circumstances.

Has anyone in this community ever used the .csv format as an export option in Skore?

I have only... (More)

Updates to Quantify

We have added a little message warning you when the simulation data for quantify are not saved.

Explanation: the way the quantify's simulation configuration (volumes, roles FTE's etc.) was saved on the server was not consistent and sometimes we had... (More)

Planned maintenance this Saturday 20th

Skore planned maintenance on Saturday the 20th of March, from 11am to 15:00 UK Time

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement of the Skore software & infrastructure, there will be a major upgrade to our infrastructure next Saturday.... (More)