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New features to reorganise your processes

We have just released a couple of feature that will make it easier to reorganise process maps. This will be the topic of this week's drop-in session on Friday at 9:30 UK Time / 10:30 CET.

My process is getting... (More)

Introducing Skore Spinnaker! Spinnaker is the next evolution of the Skore platform and named to reflect the rich maritime history of our home city of Portsmouth on the South coast of the United Kingdom. If you want to be the... (More)
Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager
Learn 'How to Manage Access Rights' with our short explainer video. Ensure workspace users have the appropriate access to the processes relevant to them. - Set access rights for processes to prevent unauthorised users from accessing and / or editing... (More)
Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

What is the best way to extract sub processes or process objects from one process to another?

Have you ever started mapping or even finished mapping a sub process and realised that it perhaps shouldn't be a sub process but deserves its own space as a stand alone process in your workspace?

Or perhaps you would like... (More)