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User Drop-Ins
User Drop-Ins

Skore public Drop In sessions are open to anyone that wants to learn more about Skore. Each week on a Wednesday, we cover a different topic followed by questions and answers.

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This week's drop-in session

Using Skore to Quantify your Processes 

The Skore Quantify module allows you to capture and visualise how long a process takes and how much it costs.
If you’ve yet to use Skore Quantify, or need a quick refresher, then this drop in is for you.
We explore why and when you should use Quantify and provide an overview of how it works and what is possible.

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Demystifying Jargon - Building a Glossary

New Feature Alert!

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O2C, P2P, RFP, ISO, LOL, BR, HR, ER.... acronyms and abbreviations are not always understood by everyone and can make your processes confusing and create barriers in engaging the organisation. Enrich your process library with a dynamic glossary to avoid misunderstandings. We're really excited to demonstrate this new Skore feature in our drop-in this week.


Drop-In - Process, Procedures and SOPs

This week we're delighted to share a new Skore feature. You can now write down your procedures in Skore. We know that are some times when text based documentation is more appropriate than a process diagram, you can now ensure that all this vital information is shared in one place. Learn more about it in our drop-in session this week.

You can join the session here. 

Process Standards & Guidelines - This week's Drop-In

You've started your process capture initiative, trained the team up, now how do you keep everyone on the same page?

 In this session we'll look at the importance of establishing Process Standards and ensuring everyone sticks to them. We'll also share the most common standards and guidelines to make sure you're getting the most from Skore.

Our drop-ins take place on Wednesday afternoons - 4pm UK Time - everyone is welcome.

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