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We welcome interactions within the Skore community. You are welcome to post questions, comments or concerns on this site. Our goal is to build a community where our users can share content, express their ideas, share experiences and provide helpful information to each other.

Events, Webinars, User drop-ins and Skrum Networking events
Events, Webinars, User drop-ins and Skrum Networking events

Recording of Friday 5th March User Drop In: Guest speaker Nigel Fenwick

Hi All

A big thank you to @Nigel Fenwick ,our first guest speaker, who gave us a fascinating insight into the methodology his business, Thinkers, has developed through helping SME's select the right software solutions to meet their needs. Nigel's... (More)

Friday Drop In - we are looking forward to hearing Nigel Fenwick - "Choosing the Right Horse for the Course!"

Just a reminder to join us tomorrow at Friday's 9.30am Drop In to hear Nigel Fenwick share some of his experiences with Skore!

Click here for details

Friday 5th March Drop In: Nigel Fenwick "Choosing the Right Horse for the Course"

Hi All

At this Friday's 9.30am Drop In we are delighted to have our first guest speaker, @Nigel Fenwick of Thinkers, who will share with us how he uses Skore to help SME's get business critical software selection right.

One... (More)

Recording of Friday 26th Feb User Drop In: Colin's Reporting and Data Export Refresher!

Hi All

Here is the link to Friday's User Drop In Session where Colin gave us a quick refresher on generating Reports and Exporting data from your processes in Skore.

Link to Recording

Have a great week!