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Skore Community Home Group
Skore Community Home Group
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Welcome to the Skore Community! This is where you should get started - use this Group to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Share what you are working on, some work you are proud of
  • Ask questions and provide feedback

Find Resources - including our Knowledge Base

Events - information on upcoming webinars, networking events and regular User Drop in and Support Sessions

Join our weekly 9.30 am Friday morning User Drop In sessions by either using this  link or ask me to send you an invite!

Angus Sim


Craig liked 2 months ago

Welcome to the Skore Community!

Our Community is here to help all our users develop and share best practice

This is a community made up of people just like you from all over the world. Like all communities, the more you put in the more... (More)

Chris liked 44 minutes ago

Recording of Friday 15th January User Drop In: Colin's mapping hacks and shortcuts!

Hi All

Here is the link to Friday's User Drop In Session where Colin gave us a great reminder of all the hacks and shortcuts to enable really fast mapping and tips for tidying and organising your process as you... (More)

Chris liked 4 days ago

This Friday's Drop In will be a Q&A clinic

This week's Friday 9.30 am User Drop In session will be in the format of a clinic - for any user who has a challenge on their hands right now that you would like help solving!

If you have a... (More)

Topic for Friday's Drop In: January Refresher for Great Process Mapping!

Happy New Year Everyone! Albeit not the start any of us wanted. To get us back up and running, at this week's Friday 9.30 am User Drop In session, Craig will give us a brief refresher on the core process... (More)