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Skore Community Home Group
Skore Community Home Group
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Welcome to the Skore Community! This is where you should get started - use this Group to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Share what you are working on, some work you are proud of
  • Ask questions and provide feedback

Find Resources - including our Knowledge Base

Events - information on upcoming webinars, networking events and regular User Drop in and Support Sessions

Join our weekly 9.30 am Friday morning  User Drop In Sessions by using this Zoom link or ask me to send you an invite!

Angus Sim


Craig liked 6 months ago

Welcome to the Skore Community!

Our Community is here to help all our users develop and share best practice

This is a community made up of people just like you from all over the world. Like all communities, the more you put in the more... (More)

Sam liked a day ago
Whyboxes. Who else struggled at first to get their head around them? I was talking to some users earlier in the week and they were asking me if they should always use Whyboxes between Whatboxes. My answer was Yes, well,... (More)
james liked 2 days ago
This week's Drop In session (9.30am UK time - Friday 23rd April) is on capturing and analysing roles and responsibilities in Skore. With Skore you can easily add different responsibility levels to roles in your processes. This provides some very... (More)
Chris liked 3 days ago

Don't Forget - Skrum is back tomorrow

It's not too late to join us tomorrow for our online networking and discussion event. You can register here

This time our topic focuses on 'Consulting without Boundaries'. Along with our guest speakers we'll be examining how the pandemic has... (More)