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Skore Community Home
Skore Community Home
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Welcome to the Skore Community! This is where you should get started - use this Group to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Share what you are working on, some work you are proud of
  • Ask questions and provide feedback

Find Resources - including our Knowledge Base

Events - information on upcoming webinars, networking events and regular User Drop in and Support Sessions

Join our weekly User Drop In Sessions held at 4pm Wednesday's (UK time) . Find out the next topic and access the zoom link in our Events area here.

The Next Evolution of Skore 

Skore Spinnaker is the next evolution of the Skore platform.

Join this private group here to be the first to preview Skore Spinnaker. Over the coming months we will be sharing more information and inviting you to contribute and try it out.

Let’s help each other grow by learning more about what we do best.

All Members
Grant Beecham
Head of Practice Improvement
Hamzah Syed
Customer Success Analyst
Bruce McNaughton
Programme Manager / System Architect
David Lerche
Business Analyst
joe robbins
GMP Certification
Sam Leitch
Junior Business Architect
Aleksandar Cvjetićanin
BScME, Consultant specialist
Kaiser Lone
Business Change Management Consultant
Jon Cunningham
Asana Partner + Process, efficiency, system and automation geek
Janne R
Salesforce specialist
Juha Lassila
Salesforce Specialist
Juha Lassila
Salesforce Specialist
Tonya Fowler
Global Research Vice President
Adam Tait
Technical & Operations Management
James Millward
Senior IT Support Analyst
Michael Sheets
Sr Business Process Engineer
Deanna Logan
External Consultant
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