On Friday (10th of September 2021, 9:30 Uk time) we will run a drop-in session on tips to improve security of your content in Skore

The technical team is in charge of securing the infrastructure of the Skore platform. As a user of Skore, here are the tools available to you to increase security even more.  

1 - Secure authentication 

Authentication is how to make sure only the right people can log into the system. 

Single Sign On 

Single Sign On, the ability to log into Skore using your usual corporate credentials have been available for years. This is still one of the best option to manage your user accounts. Your users will not have to setup a second password in Skore. Moreover, when they leave your company, your IT department will disable their account and therefore they will not be able to log into Skore anymore. 

New!!! 2Factor authentication

"2FA" is a way to secure your user account. This is done by asking users a second "factor", a secret keyword generated with an authenticator app.

  • First factor: Your Skore log in details (email & password)
  • Second factor: A 6 digit one-time access code generated by an authenticator app

This can be enabled at the individual level or at the workspace level. 

At the workspace level, all users with access to this workspace will be required to have 2FA setup the next time they log in.

Learn more on how to set it up in our knowledge base: https://support.getskore.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-to-setup-two-factor-authentication-in-skore

2 - Secure the content

Now that we know people accessing our workspace are well authenticated, we can also look at locking down the content itself.


Processes can have access rights, assigned to user individually, or user groups. Access rights control who can see and / or edit processes. Learn more in the knowledge base https://support.getskore.com/portal/en/kb/articles/manage-access-rights-of-a-process 

Access rights are best used to protect a "work in progress" process that is not ready to be shared with the wider organisation yet. 


Processes describe what needs to be done. The content of the work, Documents, PDFs, Excel files, etc. are often necessary to actually execute a process. In our experience, this is where the confidential information are. 

Our recommendation is to continue using your usual file management solution. Your company may use SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. This will reduce disruption in your organisation (keep using the tool you know) and increase security as your IT department often have controls and processes in place already. 

Skore file manager is best suited for storing images in use in the processes.

Want more?

Join us this Friday (10th of September 2021, 9:30 Uk time) in the  drop-in session on tips to improve security of your content in Skore