Here are the Drop In sessions planned for August 2022.

All sessions now run at 4pm UK time on Wednesday afternoons and will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. (See further details here)

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3rd August - Skore's Latest Release - Migration & Workspace Configuration

The first of our Drop-In's in August will see Skore CTO Colin Claverie, introduce the new features of the latest release of Skore (Spinnaker) and answer any questions you may have regarding them or your migration.

You'll learn more about what to expect in the new release and how you can migrate your content and gain the benefits of the new enhancements and features.

10th August - Process Basics - Running a Process Workshop

This session will see us discuss all the things you need to consider and prepare for before, during and after a process workshop.

We'll also share tips and tricks about running a live process workshop using Skore.

17th August - Using Skore to Quantify your Processes

The Skore Quantify module allows you to capture and visualise how long a process takes and how much it costs. If you've yet to use Skore Quantify, or need a quick refresher, then this drop in if for you. 

We'll explore why and when you should use Quantify and provide an overview of how it works and what is possible.

24th August - Defining Process Measures

What can be measured is easier to improve. 

Once you went through the effort of mapping your new processes, what can you do to measure their impact?

Learn how to define metrics and to measure them, without creating too much more work.

31st August - Introducing the New Central Role Manager

Skore's latest release introduces a central role management capability, allowing you to generate comprehensive job descriptions for each in the context of the whole workspace, and help to form an understanding of how a role is involved in each process.

In this session, we'll deep dive into the Role Manager business tool to demonstrate how you can:

  • Automatically generate detailed job descriptions for each role based on your processes
  • Use RACI and other responsibility models to understand exactly what everyone’s roles and responsibilities are
  • Utilise powerful analytics enable you to design and optimise roles to ensure your processes deliver the results you desire


Everyone's Welcome

Our drop-in sessions are what they say on the tin, drop in when you see a session relevant to you. We always provide an opportunity to ask questions at the end, both session related or otherwise. 

Whether you're looking to learn more about Skore or to enhance your skills, this is a great opportunity to engage with the management team and discover it for yourself.