For those of you who weren't able to make our Skrum event last week, we've provided a bit of a summary, feel free to add your opinions or observations too in the comments!


The event focused on the topic ‘Consulting without Boundaries’ and the opportunities and threats that had been created through the pandemic. It proved to be our biggest event yet with attendees from all over the world participating. 


Craig Willis, CEO and one of Skore’s co-founders set the scene by examining the Global Consulting Industry. Craig explored the trends identified before the pandemic and the need now to extend the value of consulting beyond the boundaries of initial projects. Craig predicted that the Businesses that will leap ahead are those who will adopt and adapt. So many businesses have learnt agility through survival and rapid adoption of technology. Those who fail to accept this new hybrid way of working will struggle to survive. 


A lively panel discussion followed with our guest speakers Cathy Banks, CEO of South African based Analyze Consulting and Phil Ford, Senior Technical Consultant at Asia Affinity. Cathy highlighted the opportunities now available to expand business into new foreign markets. By embracing technology it is possible and fruitful to remotely engage with clients successfully.


For Phil, the pandemic again meant a chance to meet new clients and engage with them in different ways. Through technology we can engage and get our messages across to clients and open new doors. Phil agreed with Craig that a hybrid approach will be the way forward but added that he imagined it would mature hugely over the next 12 months. 


The key points our experts made were:

  • We should be very clear when we engage with clients what tools will be used with them (for communication for example). We must ensure that we don’t use too many and that we are consistent with their use
  • One of the key issues going forward is building trust with new clients. Trust is the fundamental building block of consulting and we must be acutely aware of this when developing new relationships. This can be even more evident when considering cultural differences with new customers.
  • Remote working is here to stay and we need to embrace it. However we need to be able to facilitate those  ‘water cooler’ moments or share knowledge anecdotally and finding ways to do this remotely is not always easy.
  • Technology needs to catch up to enable organisations to maximise on their engagement with clients. There is still a gap in the market to enable organisations to communicate clearly
  • Those who can adopt this new hybrid model and master the right blend of tools and technologies will be the winners in this new world.

Following our panel discussion there were questions and networking. Many of the attendees shared their tips and views on how to successfully navigate remote relationship building and successful project outcomes. 


A big thank you once again to our guest speakers Cathy Banks and Phil Ford for their time. 


And so the conversation continues, what are your views on the matter? How do you and your organisation effectively own and manage relationships? What tools have worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.