In this session CTO @Colin Claverie explored the available functionality in Skore that helps you ensure only the right people can access your workspace, without putting up too may barriers!

Main session Topics

Topic 1 - Secure authentication 

Authentication is how to make sure only the right people can log into the system. 

  • Single Sign On
    • Single Sign On, the ability to log into Skore using your usual corporate credentials.
  • NEW: 2 Factor Authentication
    • "2FA" is a way to secure your user account. This is done by asking users a second "factor", a secret keyword generated with an authenticator app.

Topic 2 - Secure the content

  • Processes
    • Processes can have access rights, assigned to user individually, or user groups. Access rights control who can see and / or edit processes.
  • Documentation
    • Processes describe what needs to be done. The content of the work, Documents, PDFs, Excel files, etc. are often necessary to actually execute a process. In our experience, this is where the confidential information is.