How do wait times work in Quantify? Do they count towards the FTE numbers? Do you model out the other tasks that could happen during 'wait' times?

These were the questions from a new user to Skore, trying to understand the Quantify functionality.

Sharing our response in case anyone else finds it useful:

- The ‘wait’ on a process is a wait-time before the process can start (e.g. waiting for approval or a response).

- The wait time does NOT impact the FTE calculations; the assumption is that they will be doing other tasks.

- We don’t model out other tasks that they are doing during a wait time, as this would get very complicated, very quickly.

Note: It’s worth pointing out that wait times are great when you’re modelling a single instance of a process, however, they will add up when you start simulating different volumes, which doesn’t always make sense.