Intelligent Actions Update

We have now released our workflow automation software that links to Skore and it is performing well.

Its strength is that it can be used to automate any process, which is also its weakness from a sales messaging point of view as it has no focus.

We are proposing to focus our external promotion on the following.

Compliance. We can provide a company with a custom workflow process that maps exactly to their desired process ensuring auditable tracking of tasks and capable of producing real time reporting. Where possible tasks can be automated, we are not about replacing people with machines, but a means of routing the right work to the right person at the right time.

Business Information. We are looking for prospects that need to co-ordinate either a large project or business information across multiple sites. We can provide a company with a cost-effective means of communication exactly matching their required reporting requirements with auditable tracking and real time reporting.

Can anyone in the Skore Community identify a workflow process opportunity that we could work on together?