Hi, just a quick reminder to let you know that our new enhanced Quantify module will be released this Wednesday, 25th November.  

The enhanced version enables users to:

  • Understand how long and how much it costs to perform a process
  • Understand roles utilisation in terms of time, costs or FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
  • Identify bottlenecks in your process (in terms of time, FTE or costs)
  • Simulate volumes of activities and FTE availability for a given role
  • Simulate different scenarios (e.g. as-is, to-be)
  • Configure work conditions (number of working hours per day / per week) for your simulation

The team have put together this guide explaining all the exciting new features available, please follow this link to find out more. Of course if you have any further questions regarding Quantify then feel free to post in the Community, @Colin Claverie and the rest of the team will be happy to help i'm sure :-).