Big news!

I am delighted to share with you that ‘Spinnaker’, our latest version of the Skore platform is now live. 

From today, new workspaces on the Skore platform will automatically be created with the incredible new features included in the release. 


This includes:

New User Interface

  • Complete redesign of the user interface

Global search: find anything in your workspace

  • Search in boxes
  • Roles and systems
  • Attachment
  • Custom field comments

Improvement in the process Mapping

  • Automatically enter in edit mode (though, it can be disabled)
  • Proper Images picker to select an image from the library
  • Proper "link picker" to create link between processes (no more shortcodes)
  • “Forms visibility” to get any content (attachment, custom field, form) visible directly on the canvas
  • No more XML, the data model is now fully managed.

Business tools: All analytics tools now at the workspace level

  • Role manager at the workspace level for global role description
  • Dedicated System manager
  • Custom fields library (no need to re-create them for every process)
  • All analytics at the workspace level
  • Scope select to select (select which processes are included in your analytics)
  • Form builder
  • Reporting at the workspace level, with download to excel

Commenting / Collaboration

  • Replies
  • Comment types
  • Assignees
  • Central view of all comments
  • “Yours” : Summary of comments where you are involved
  • (Coming soon: notifications)

Workspace Admin

  • Diagram templates complete reengineered
  • Stylesheets
  • Style rules creator


  • API will be brought up to speed over time
  • “Full text editor” (bye bye Markdown), link picker, etc.

Under the hood

  • No more XML for process, data model fully managed in the database (enables everything)
  • Using the latest technologies for the “front end”, faster and more secure

For existing workspaces you will need migrate your processes to benefit from all of these exciting new features. Please get in touch with our support team (support@getskore.com) to get started. You can read more about it in the migration guide

I’ll be running some informal drop-in sessions over the next few weeks to introduce the new features of the release and answer any questions you may have regarding them or your migration. The sessions will be open to all and you can join us via the link below:

Drop in session on Wednesday 3rd of August at 4pm UK time (5pm CET, 11 am EDT)


Additional session: Wednesday 17th of August, 9am UK time (10am CET)


We are so proud of this evolution of the Skore platform and can’t wait for you to experience the next level of process improvement with us. 

And a massive thank you to ALL the people volunteering for the "beta test", your feedback has been critical in the last phase of the development.