• Loads of improvements in print !
    • Diagram template loads correctly in "fit content on page" settings
    • Diagram templates dynamic text (typically {{ diagram_title }}) loads correctly for each level
    • Better display of attachments
  • Lock / unlock process for editing
    • Review of the whole lock / unlock logic for preventing several users to edit the same process at once, and properly unlocking a process when someone leaves the process. Note, locks always expire after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Full text edit in "full screen" now handles the enter key properly for line returns
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes shift the whole process content to the left (or right)

Process management

  • When filtering processes by tags, it looks in all the folders (not just the current folder) and the results are grouped by folders
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes showing the wrong user in the revision history
  • Process cards are now entirely clickable (not just the text)


  • Role tags (such as RACI, RATSI) now show with the right colors in report.

General User Experience

  • Improved the "visual feedback" when a button has been clicked, to show that Skore is doing something.


Thanks to all of you who constantly provide us great feedback and improvement ideas !