How do I embed an image in the attachment panel of a WhatBox?

Or, perhaps more specifically...

  • How do I attach a screenshot of a system to an activity?
  • How do I attach a guiding image to a procedural activity?

These questions are relevant to most, so I thought it would be important share how this can be done in Skore with the wider community.

Step1 - Uploading an Image to Skore

Firstly, you'll need to upload your image into Skore. The quickest way to upload an image to Skore, is to simply drag and drop an image onto the canvas directly from your file explorer.

Skore will then automatically upload this image into the 'Images & File' manager for easy re-use. 

See a quick demonstration of this below.

Step 2 - Accessing the Image Short-Code

In order to embed your image into an activity, you'll need to ascertain the image short-code. This code is automatically created and assigned to the image by Skore. The short-code allows you to embed the image on your process anywhere where there is a 'text' field.

  • When an image is uploaded to Skore, it is assigned a unique short-code.
  • You can access this short-code in two different ways:

Method 1 

If you have dragged and dropped the image onto the canvas, simply double click the image to reveal the image ID.

The image ID can then be placed into this short-code template:    ![image](image ID

Drag & Drop image onto canvas
Drag & Drop image onto canvas


Double click image to reveal short-code
Double click image to reveal short-code

Method 2 

Open the 'Images & File' manager, locate the image, click the drop down arrow and click 'Copy Short-code'. 

Step 3 - Embedding the Image into the Attachment Panel

Now you have uploaded your image and have ascertained the short- code, you can now embed your image in the attachment panel of any given activity (WhatBox).

  • First, access the attachment panel of the WhatBox.
  • Click 'Add Text' (if this option is not displayed immediately, click 'Other attachment types' to select the text field option)
  • Paste the image short-code into the text field and click 'Save'.
  • The image will now be embedded into the attachment panel.
Click paperclip icon
Click paperclip icon
Click 'Add Text'
Click 'Add Text'
Paste the short-code
Paste the short-code
Image is embedded
Image is embedded


Optional Step 4 - Open attachment as a pop-up

If you'd like the image to open up larger so that it is perhaps more visible (maybe this is a procedural process that is to be used as a user guide for onboarding new employees), then you have to option to do so.

  • Tick the 'Open as Popup' check box and when next accessed, the attachment panel will open up as a separate larger pop-up window.


Keep an eye out for a following blog exploring how to attach video content to activity steps on your process.