This short blog will inform you how to archive a process and subsequently permanently delete the process from your workspace. 

Archiving a Process 

A process must first be archived before being deleted. 

What does it mean to archive a process?

When archiving a process in your workspace, you are removing it from the 'active processes' view in the workspace to the 'archived processes' view. 

This means that 'members' of the workspace will be unable to see or access the process, but the process is still retrievable & viewable by admins & editors of the workspace. 

Think of it as your workspace recycle bin, where you have a chance to restore the process if needed.

How do I archive a process?

Step 1: Click the drop down arrow next to the 'Open and Edit' button. 

Step 2: Select the 'Archive' option. 

Step 3 : Select 'Yes, make archived'


How do I access the archived view?

Step 1: Navigate to the the top left of your workspace screen and click 'View'.

Step 2: Then from the drop-down menu click 'Archived Processes'.

Deleting a Process

Deleting a process will permanently remove a process from the workspace.

How do I delete a process permanently?

Step 1: Click the 'Delete' button on the chosen process

Step 2: Click 'Yes, delete'