A lot has been released in the last 2 weeks, here is a summary. Everything writing here is already released.

Thanks for all users providing feedback!

Process Mapping

  • Important: 
    Enter Edit mode is now turned off by default (can be turned on in the workspace Admin). This was a often requested feature and one of the first thing we implemented when starting to work on the latest major version of the graph editor. As we are now using it on a regular basis, we realise that most of the time, we do not want to enter edit and risk making a change or locking the process for someone else who really wants to make changes. So the default is now turned off, and can be turned on for a workspace.  


  • Fix when navigating using the diagram explorer thanks Mike for some reasons line between boxes didn't appear when navigating with the diagram explorer. Everything is now wired together again!
  • Fixed bug with saving comment's callout
  • process folders & slug is now shown on the process picker which makes it easier to find processes when they have similar names

Process Management

  • Folder list on the left, you can now expand a sub folder without navigating
  • When selecting several tags it's now and "AND" search. In the example below, with 2 tags selected, it will only show processes that have BOTH tags ("complete" and "finance") thanks Keith
  • Mega performance improvement for some workspaces in loading time for process list thanks Alasdair & David
  • Grouping by folders on filter results. When you filter process by name it, it looks into all folders. Now we can see in which folder the process belong

Business Tools

  • Fix in analytics: At process level, buttons to open the report now navigates to the report at the process level also. 
  • Fix RACI report
  • Roles / Systems : When there is a long list of roles on the left, it auto-expands on scroll. But it was missing a little animation to let you know that something was going on. 
  • Fix to quantify
    • Fix to display "real working hours"
    • Tweak to the way the duration is computed (to match how it was working in "Legacy" Skore) : when 2 roles are working together on 1 activity, the duration is counted ONCE, but the cost is counted for each role.
    • A user hase reported an oddity in the way the "Possible iterations" is computed and we are onto it
    • Improved the function that "rounds" the number and decides how many decimals it should show. So it works well with both super small number and super big numbers. 
  • Work on “blank slates” (When there is no data to show)
  • Better “loading experience” (is that a thing?) in roles and system manager