This seems to have been the week of landing pages! I've had several questions and discussions about them so I'd love to hear what your top tips are for creating them?

For me, the hardest thing about creating a landing page is deciding how you're going to categorise the information you need to display. Landing pages can be presented based on process, role or some other point of view. So you need to think carefully about the target audience.

You may also need several levels, a high level that's very generic with links to detailed views. For example you high level might be aimed at the whole company, from here you could link off to a landing page based on HR processes. Then in here you might break down the page into processes related to being an employee, being a line manager or some other role.

Trying to find the right set of terms is hard. I did experiment with Card Sorting a few years ago with some success. You write all the processes down on individual cards. Then you have another set of cards which are the categories, e.g. HR, Finance, H&S, Line Manager, Employee etc.

You then sit with a few people from your target audience and ask them to sort the processes into the categories, allowing them to suggest new categories. You can quickly get a sense of how people think about this information which then informs your landing page.

I'm also not great with visuals so once I know the structure I'd ask someone creative to make it look nice.

What are your top tips for landing pages?