Here are the Drop In sessions planned for January 2022. All sessions run at 9.30am UK time on Friday mornings. 

Join this weeks session here

7th January - Kickstarting Your Process Improvement Journey

Held this morning, our first drop-in session of 2022 saw community members sharing their (process) new years resolutions and opened a discussion on how to kick off the new year in the right way. 

@Craig Willis hosted the session with a focus on how to kickstart the Process Improvement Journey in an organisation. Craig explored common new year's resolutions for businesses, how you make them real and most importantly, how you make them happen. 

View Craig's session presentation here: Getting started with your (process) New Year's resolutions

14th January - Running a Successful Process Workshop

This session will see us discuss all the things you need to consider and prepare for before, during and after a process workshop. 

We'll also share tips and tricks about running a live process workshop using Skore. 

21st January - Restructuring & Splitting Processes

Has your process organically become very large and detailed? 

Does your process need to be chunked up into groups of activities, or benefit from being raised from a level of detail?

In this session we'll explore solutions to these questions and demonstrate how you can achieve structure and organisation within your process and/or workspace. 

28th January - Mapping at the speed of conversation (Shortcut Keys)

This week's session is relevant to anyone who is using, or would like to use Skore in live collaborative workshops.

We'll be focusing on speed, demonstrating how you can use the keyboard shortcuts and other tips and tricks, made for mapping processes at the speed of conversation.