Here are the Drop In sessions planned for May 2022. 

*Changes to Drop-In Sessions

All sessions now run at 4pm UK time on Wednesday afternoons and will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. See further details here

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4th May - Process Basics - Developing Process Hierarchy In Skore

Hierarchy is an organising principle built into nature and helps us understand otherwise complex situations. 

Translated to a process context, hierarchy allows us to start with the ‘big picture’ and break a process down into its component parts so that we can start to make sense of it.

In this session @Sam Leitch will take you through Skore’s unique approach to process hierarchy, that enables you to make a direct connection between your strategic processes and the daily activities of the workforce. Enabling you to create a direct line of sight from top-to-bottom and end-to-end for all your processes.

11th May - Identifying Automation Opportunities

How are you identifying the opportunities for automation in your business? 

Is it a case of who shouts the loudest? Or the first opportunity you come across? 

In this session @Chris Green  will be discussing a process led approach to your automation efforts and driving engagement within the business for continued success.

18th May - Linking Processes 

The first of our drop-in sessions to demonstrate new Spinnaker functionality. Spinnaker is the next major version of Skore and see's major improvements across the platform, one being improved linking capabilities.

In this session @Sam Leitch will walk you through the new and improved linking functionality in Skore, it's potential applications and how it can be utilised to make the navigation within your process library convenient and user friendly.

25th May - Cataloguing Your Processes

Do you know which processes you are going to put in your process library?

Have you prioritised them? 

Do you know what progress you're making? 

Having a catalogue of processes allows you to plan the capture, measurement and updates to those processes. In this session @Craig Willis will share tips and trick for how you go about build your process catalogue as the first step to developing a library of processes.

Everyone's welcome 

Our drop-in sessions are what they say on the tin, drop in when you see a session relevant to you. We always provide an opportunity to ask questions at the end, both session related or otherwise. 

Whether you're looking to learn more about Skore or to enhance your skills, this is a great opportunity to engage with the management team and discover it for yourself.