Have you ever started mapping or even finished mapping a sub process and realised that it perhaps shouldn't be a sub process but deserves its own space as a stand alone process in your workspace?

Or perhaps you would like to find the best way to extract elements of one process and include into another process?

I was involved in a support call this morning with a client and Skore's CTO Colin Claverie, where we explored these very questions and subsequently the best solution(s).

I thought it may be pertinent to share with the wider community the advice given from our very own CTO Colin, on how he would approach these scenarios, so others can learn and apply this little known feature in Skore. 

Before we look at the how, I'd first I'd like to explore the why...

Why break down a perfectly good, detailed process?

There are multiple benefits to breaking down a process into smaller more manageable chunks. The primary reason being the former, it's more manageable! 

The benefits can be outlined below:

Benefit 1 - Each process/tile has its own “lifecycle” of revisions

  • Easily roll back or forward to revisions of the process, without affecting related processes.

Benefit 2 - Each process/ tile can have its own access rights

  • This provides you with the ability to control who sees what on a more controlled level of detail, so that only the relevant people see the processes relevant to them.

Benefit 3 - Each process/ tile can have its own “owner”

  • Easily approve and manage processes at a more granular level.

Benefit 4 - Each process/ tile can be edited individually

  • This is particularly useful when maximising the number of users working on processes within your workspace. Currently, Skore only supports one editor editing a process at any one time, meaning that if you break down your processes, you can have multiple users editing a process simultaneously, where before this would not have been possible.

Benefit 5 - Each process/ tile can be reported on/analysed individually

  • View targeted analytics without the noise from other aspects of the wider process.


So, what is the best way to extract a sub process and turn it into its own stand alone process?

Method 1 - Browser Short Keys

Traditionally, the way I would have executed this and the general copying of processes/objects from one process to another, is by selecting all of the necessary objects I wanted to copy (the sub process) from my original process and used a keyboard short key (Ctrl + C) to copy the selected objects. 

I would then create and access a 'New Process' from my workspace, enter 'edit mode' and used (Ctrl + V) to paste these items onto the canvas. 

This method certainly does the job in most cases. However, from what we at Skore have found is that on particularly large processes (lots of lower level detail), dependant on the browser you are using the Ctrl + C/V method is not always successful in copying all the necessary detail and in some extreme cases can crash the browser due to the heavy load on the browser clip board.

Method 2 - CTO Colin's Preferred Method (Copy Paste Special)

There is a little known feature in Skore called 'Copy & Paste Special'. This can be accessed via the 'Edit' menu when editing a process. 

Copy Paste Special - Location
Copy Paste Special - Location

What 'copy paste special' allows you to do is view the xml (code) of the selected objects you see on the screen. You are then able to copy this code and subsequently paste/apply it to your new process, allowing you to successfully extract an existing process into a new process. This is not exclusive to new processes, but can also be applied when copying objects/sub processes from one process to another.

This method has two main benefits.

  1. Much lighter on the browser, therefore, negates any issues with the browser or Skore experiencing response issues.
  2. It is much safer. For some unknown reason, using keyboard short keys to copy objects is not always 100% successful in copying every bit of detail from your selected objects. Again, copy paste special ensures that every detail of your process is copied. 

So, how do I actually use 'Copy Paste Special'?

Once you have accessed the code, it's as easy as following the below steps. For this example we are copying the sub process 'Plan Campaigns' from a marketing process.

  1. Select the entire XML (Ctrl + A)
  2. Copy the selected XML (Ctrl + C)
Select and copy all of the XML code
Select and copy all of the XML code


3. Create and open your 'New Process'.

Create and open your 'New Process'
Create and open your 'New Process'

4. Navigate to and open the 'Copy Paste Special' window in your new process.

5. Remove the existing XML and paste the XML you copied from the previous process.

Ctrl V to paste the xml
Ctrl V to paste the xml

6. Click 'Apply Changes' and you will have successfully completed the extraction.


Watch this space..

The Skore Technical Team is currently working on a feature that will execute the above at the click of a button.

Keep an eye on the community for updates on this upcoming feature!