Skore currently offer two types of certification: 

  • Skore Associate Certification
  • Skore Practitioner Certification

Read more information on what each certification entails and how to apply below. 

Skore Associate Assessment & Certification 


  • Access to a Skore workspace is helpful (although not mandatory)
  • Completion of the Skore On Demand Training (although not mandatory)

The Skore Associate Assessment is designed for users of the Skore platform who are new to the technology, are occasional users or need to describe the benefits to clients and colleagues.

Only a basic knowledge of Skore is required to complete the assessment. You must be able to highlight the differences between Skore and other approaches to business process mapping and analysis and the benefits of each.

The assessment is made up of multi-choice questions broken down into areas such as Benefits, Use Cases and Features.

Skore Practitioner Assessment & Certification

Prerequisite: You must have already gained Associate Certification

The practitioner assessment is much more focused on the use of the software. The assessment requires the candidate to demonstrate their proficiency in creating and utilising a process. 

This first involves the candidate submitting a process documented in Skore for review. An assessment call is then arranged where an examiner will work through a series of questions to ascertain the candidates level of competence in developing advanced processes and also to provide an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate their ability to utilise the functionality available in Skore.

What do I receive once I'm certified?

  • You'll receive an official Skore Associate or Practitioner Certificate
  • You'll also receive a zip file containing Skore Associate / Practitioner Certified logos for use in email signatures, marketing materials and social media.

I'm interested, how do I apply for certification?

To apply for either the Skore Practitioner Assessment or Skore Associate Assessment, you can contact us at with your request.