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Asked a question 5 months ago

Do we have a video or document that describes how to copy a process from one workspace to another using the XML Export?

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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

We have a video for how to copy a process from one workspace to another. This can be found on the Skore Labs Youtube Channel.
  1. Open the source process, enter edit mode
  2. Choose Export > XML and copy all the XML ( keyboard shortcuts: CTRL + A and CTRL + C)
  3. Navigate to the "destination" process (may be in another workspace). Create a new process as a placeholder if needed. Enter edit mode.
  4. choose Export > XML and paste the XML you have copied previously. 
  5. Click Apply

Things to keep in mind: 

  • If your process has links to other processes using IDs, they will be broken as the IDs in the new workspaces are probably not the same
  • Similar for images & files (collectively: medias). If your process has links to medias in the source workspace, they may not work in the destination workspace.

Is this something you do often? We have looked at making that a new menu option, would that be any help?