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Angus Sim
User Champion
Asked a question 7 months ago

I have made an org chart for a client using colour coded Notes boxes. When I try to 'centre align' all the boxes using 'style' it also changes all the colours to a green......any way I can avoid changing the colour? or do i have to do each box individually?

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There are 2 ways to change the style of boxes in Skore

  • Process stylesheet: will change the style of all boxes in the process
  • Box style: to change the style of selected boxes. Note that once a box has been styled individually it is "immune" to the process stylesheet changes.

To change the style of selected boxes

  1. Select all the relevant boxes
  2. Click Menu Style -> Box Style
  3. When happy, apply change

To clear the style of a box, click "Reset" (in the bottom left corner) and this will reset the style to the stylesheet.