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Jonathan Freestone
IT Manager for The Farplants Group.
Asked a question 13 days ago

If I want to have the same list of possible roles across all processes in a Workspace is this possible? Ideally I would like to limit the roles to those that are actually on our organisation chart, and keep this up to date.

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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

Hi Jonathan,  

Currently, roles are created and managed within individual processes and not at workspace level.

However, a workspace role manager is on the development roadmap for Skore Spinnaker, the next evolution of the Skore platform.  

The workspace role manager will provide a centralised view of the roles associated with processes in your workspace. Allowing you to create, manage and analyse roles at workspace level.  

I see you are already a member of the Skore Spinnaker Group within the Community. This will be the primary source of any communication and preview content for the new release. So keep your eye out here for anything relating to the workspace role manager.  

For those that are yet to join, here is a link:

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