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Angus Sim
User Champion
Asked a question 6 months ago

We are mapping a new employee onboarding process which is owned by HR. Within that process there are some subsets owned by Facilities and IT (eg issue new laptop). HR wants to own the overall process but Facilities and IT want their 'subset' processes to sit within their 'department' so that they can see all their own processes in one place. How best to link those subset processes into the overall onboarding process? The aim is to avoid duplication and at the same time enable the subsets to sit elsewhere under Facilities and IT? Hope this makes sense! Any ideas gratefully received!!

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I read 2 questions here:

  • Who owns "cross-functional" or "end-to-end" process? 
  • How to represent end-to-end processes in Skore?

Process ownership in a collaborative organisation

The best way to create silos in an organisation is to map ownership of processes against the organisation chart. 

When this happens, each function owns their own processes. If a function wants another function to change, they need to navigate the org chart. Changes are initiated at the directors level, which is  the only real cross functional team. These organisational systems are not really adaptable to changes, but make wonder to deliver ultra-standardised pieces of work at a very high quality.  The role of the process owner is to make sure that the process delivers the agreed output, for the agreed price at the agreed quality.

Other organisations will distinguish the process flow from the organisation chart, and the role of the process owner does not automatically belong to the line manager or functional head. The process owner ensures the "whole" is optimised, not the "parts". She makes sure all parties involved understand their contribution to a final outcome, beyond delivering their own bits and pieces. The process owner is focused on the "flow" of work and the satisfaction of the final customer. The process owner works with a group of representatives from each functions to constantly assess the performance of the process and make plans for improvements.  

How to represent cross-functional / end-to-end processes in Skore 

Skore can accomodate mappings both high level processes, and more detailed ones. My approach would be to create a first end to end process map which describes the top level process, e.g. from job requisition to 90 days after start. High level view, typically half a dozen boxes.  

Then, instead of creating detailed view on each box, create a new "standalone" process for each main activity of work. 

Each process can then be managed separately, have different ownership, access rights, etc. In your case, the top level is owned by HR, the other processes owned by other relevant process owner. HR will need to work with the other process owners involved to deliver a best-in-class employee onboarding experience. 

Interesting question, I'd suggest that the sub-processes live as part of the onboarding process as they are cross functional. It is easy to link to these from the other areas, so a box in IT with a link to the IT bits.

However, if the sub-process is very generic, like "Order Laptop", that could be used across multiple places then it may be better to store that in IT and link to it from the onboarding process.

I would definitely avoid duplication where possible.