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Learn how using Skore brings Successful People Led Change

In a recent Drop In session around Roles and Responsibilities, many of the attendees expressed an interest to learn more about how Skore puts people in the centre of Change Management. As a result @Craig Willis has put together this insightful blog illustrating how using Skore ensures people led change.

It covers areas such as:

  • Setting clear objectives
  • Getting buy in early
  • Roles and responsibilities (e.g. RACI / RATSI)
  • Skills and competencies
  • Job descriptions
  • Org charts
  • Making change stick (giving people confidence – landing pages and training aids)

You can take a look the blog here

Let us know if... (More)

Consulting Without Boundaries - Our Skrum Event

For those of you who weren't able to make our Skrum event last week, we've provided a bit of a summary, feel free to add your opinions or observations too in the comments!

The event focused on the topic ‘Consulting without Boundaries’ and the opportunities and threats that had been created through the pandemic. It proved to be our biggest event yet with attendees from all over the world participating.

Craig Willis, CEO and one of Skore’s co-founders set the scene by examining the Global Consulting Industry. Craig explored the trends identified before the pandemic and the need now to... (More)

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