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Did you miss the Skrum event last week? Or perhaps there's something you'd like to revisit?

Well, today is your lucky day!

The recording is now live.
Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

What is the best way to extract sub processes or process objects from one process to another?

Have you ever started mapping or even finished mapping a sub process and realised that it perhaps shouldn't be a sub process but deserves its own space as a stand alone process in your workspace?

Or perhaps you would like to find the best way to extract elements of one process and include into another process?

I was involved in a support call this morning with a client and Skore's CTO Colin Claverie, where we explored these very questions and subsequently the best solution(s).

I thought it may be pertinent to share with the wider community the advice given from... (More)

Did you miss the webinar last week where Craig Willis talked about the power of powerful simplicity when it comes to change projects?

"Change is Going to Happen - how to harness it positively for your business"

You can see the full recording here:

So grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy.
A common question from new Skore users, so always worth sharing.

How do I link two processes together?

Simply use the following syntax: [link text](processID.objectID)

Easy when you know how 😉

Here's a handy video explaining it far better than me.