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Have you used the Archive in Skore? I've noticed a number of users still have the demo content visible in their workspaces after they have started using Skore. If you no longer need these processes, as well as the tutorial,... (More)


This could be built outside of Skore. Example, if the company is on Outlook, there are "voting" options that could be used. I'm sure there are other simple tool to track "things" by employees.

What we are building, though,... (More)

If you missed the webinar earlier this week where Dave King, Angus Sim and I discuss bridging the BA / IT gap... you're in luck. We recorded the session! So grab a coffee, hang your 'do not disturb' sign and... (More)
Here is a one page view of the top two levels of the APQC process classification framework (PCF) in Skore. The APQC PCF is great as a starting point, or baseline, as it lists all the activities an enterprise may... (More)