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Process mapping
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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

Skore Basics - Embedding images into process steps / activities

How do I embed an image in the attachment panel of a WhatBox?

Or, perhaps more specifically...

  • How do I attach a screenshot of a system to an activity?
  • How do I attach a guiding image to a procedural activity?

These questions are relevant to most, so I thought it would be important share how this can be done in Skore with the wider community.

Step1 - Uploading an Image to Skore

Firstly, you'll need to upload your image into Skore. The quickest way to upload an image to Skore, is to simply drag and drop an image onto the... (More)

Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

What is the best way to extract sub processes or process objects from one process to another?

Have you ever started mapping or even finished mapping a sub process and realised that it perhaps shouldn't be a sub process but deserves its own space as a stand alone process in your workspace?

Or perhaps you would like to find the best way to extract elements of one process and include into another process?

I was involved in a support call this morning with a client and Skore's CTO Colin Claverie, where we explored these very questions and subsequently the best solution(s).

I thought it may be pertinent to share with the wider community the advice given from... (More)

Recently I've been experimenting with using Questions to frame the purpose of a process workshop. In the past I've found it useful to use a purpose / objective statement to help keep people focused. But sometimes these can be a bit vague and open to interpretation. I've found that turning it into a question, sometimes 2 or 3, can really help focus people. By asking "what questions are we trying to answer in the session?" you start to have conversations such as "ultimately we need to know what the requirements are for a new system... But it would also be... (More)