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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

New Process Template Alert - The Process of Process Management

With many years of experience supporting large organisations with Process Management initiatives, the team here at Skore have started to develop some resources to help you get started quickly.

@Craig Willis introduced the first of these resources during a recent drop-in session - The Process of Process Management.

A particularly useful resource if you are asking yourself the question: How do I manage large numbers of processes and users and ensure they take full advantage of a platform such as Skore?

We've now made this process template available to everyone in the Process Template Library. So head over there... (More)

📣 New Process Template Alert!! 📣

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Lawrence and Wedlock (special shout out to Shivali Mistry), we now have an 'RPA Accelerator' process template in our Library.

They've shared their experience on how to get started with process discovery for an RPA project.

Head over to the Process Template Library now and copy it into your Skore Workspace.

Recording of Friday 12th Feb User Drop In: Landing Pages with Colin!

Hi All

Here is the link to Friday's User Drop In Session where Colin showed us the easiest ways to set up Landing Pages.

Link to Recording

And thanks to @Norma-Jean Samuriwo for her suggestion - we have uploaded the Landing Page that Coin created into the Template Library:  click here to find it! Voila!




Recording of Friday 5th Feb User Drop In: Introduction to the New Template Library!

Hi All

Here is the link to Friday's User Drop In Session where Craig and Colin introduced us to the new Template Library. Followed by a great discussion about how templates can be used and shared. 

Link to Recording

And click here to access the Library itself!