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Printing in Color !

Printing now support all colouring options on stylesheet, icons (detailed view, attachments), texts, etc.

This bug has been bugging us for... years? I'm so happy it's now fixed :-)

Skore recent updates

We have just released a number of fixes in Skore this week !

  • It is now easier to manage multiple subscriptions for the growing number of customers having more than 1 worksapce. I will explain more about it next week!
  • We have added a message to prevent editing the same process in 2 different tabs. Which could cause a problem sometimes

  • We also did some work to fix a "403 You don't have permissions to save" error message that was erroneously displayed.
  • When you create a new process now it will show a little message to be able to open... (More)
Back button is back !

We have now fixed navigation between processes using the browser's "back" button.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if there are still places where the back button is not properly managed.

Updates to Quantify

We have added a little message warning you when the simulation data for quantify are not saved.

Explanation: the way the quantify's simulation configuration (volumes, roles FTE's etc.) was saved on the server was not consistent and sometimes we had the impression that content reverted to a previous state.

Now, the quantify configuration (volumes, frequency, FTE, etc.)

  • Are saved when the process is in edit mode.
  • Are not saved when the process is in view mode. But: the simulation remains available. Just that it doesn't save. There is a message warning you. Hopefully this is visible enough?

Thanks for... (More)