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Updates to Quantify

We have added a little message warning you when the simulation data for quantify are not saved.

Explanation: the way the quantify's simulation configuration (volumes, roles FTE's etc.) was saved on the server was not consistent and sometimes we had... (More)

Performance improvements

We continue our effort to make Skore feel faster to use. We have recently released 2 changes (release 2.3.19)

  • On the server, we have optimised some queries to the database. Less queries = speed. We have also fine tuned one... (More)

Start & end arrow options

We have given even more love to line settings recently. Last week we made it look better when lines are crossing each other; this week it's about the start and end arrows.

There is now a stylesheet option to toggle... (More)

Better looking crossing lines in Skore Sometimes you have to concede. Despite all your efforts to design a beautiful process, you will have lines crossing each other. I really hate it when it happens to me. At least now it... (More)