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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

What is the best way to extract sub processes or process objects from one process to another?

Have you ever started mapping or even finished mapping a sub process and realised that it perhaps shouldn't be a sub process but deserves its own space as a stand alone process in your workspace?

Or perhaps you would like to find the best way to extract elements of one process and include into another process?

I was involved in a support call this morning with a client and Skore's CTO Colin Claverie, where we explored these very questions and subsequently the best solution(s).

I thought it may be pertinent to share with the wider community the advice given from... (More)

A Question for the New Week.......Templates - to use or not to use?

Should you start a new Process from a blank page or from a Template? Any thoughts please share. This will be the topic of this week's Friday Drop In Session!

Wishing you a Productive Week!


Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager
Quick Question:

I am currently creating a spreadsheet that aims to track what processes have been documented against a list of existing in scope processes for a project. I am then evidencing the existence of each process by providing a link to the relevant Skore process.

My request is whether there could be a shortcut on the 'Process Tile' within the workspace to quick copy a process link, as opposed to accessing the process to obtain the URL?

What message do you want to convey? To show the complexity of a process, you can make it look complex by adding all the feedback loops, failure paths and exception handling as possible.

This is probably not what you want.

Focus on making the core, original, process as readable and easy to understand as possible by all stakeholders.

Feedback loops or failure paths are these arrows telling you where to go back when an activity has failed. I usually discourage users from capturing them at all. As a general rule, people acting on a process will figure out where to... (More)