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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

What Training does Skore offer?

As businesses all over the world have moved to more remote working we have been adapting our training programme accordingly. We are now offering on demand online video training hosted right here in the community.

Skore On Demand Training

The training aims to provide an understanding of the basics of Skore but also how Skore can be used in live workshops to save time in process discovery and engage participants. Participants, through interactive exercises and theory will enhance their skills to extract insights, analyse processes and encourage collaboration with colleagues and teams.

To access the self paced video content taking... (More)

Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

What types of certification does Skore offer?

Skore currently offer two types of certification:

  • Skore Associate Certification
  • Skore Practitioner Certification

Read more information on what each certification entails and how to apply below.

Skore Associate Assessment & Certification


  • Access to a Skore workspace is helpful (although not mandatory)
  • Completion of the Skore On Demand Training (although not mandatory)

The Skore Associate Assessment is designed for users of the Skore platform who are new to the technology, are occasional users or need to describe the benefits to clients and colleagues.

Only a basic knowledge of Skore is required to complete the assessment. You must be able to... (More)

How To Get Started Process Mapping with Skore

Here are the slides from today's drop in session. These can be used as a simple checklist for what to think about when planning your next process mapping exercise.

Recording of the drop in to follow soon.
Process Mapping Template In the drop in session this morning I showed an example template that you can use for gathering information about a process you are going to map. It has a set of simple questions that you can share with a team beforehand to get them thinking about the sort of things that will be discussed. We've found this very useful in getting people up to speed before a workshop. I hope you find it useful! Note. for security reasons we only allow pdf docs on the community. If you'd like this in Word format please direct message... (More)