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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

How are you utilising Custom Fields in Skore?

Following a successful drop-in session last week where @Craig Willis explored the Custom Field functionality in Skore, we'd like to hear how the wider community is utilising this powerful feature.

The Skore Community is a space to gain and share knowledge & insight with others.

How do you utilise custom fields within your processes to drive insights, perform detailed analysis and the types of reports and visualisations that deliver value to you?

Whether you're capturing Requirements, Questions, Ideas or any other process related information, we'd like to hear your story.

Let’s help each other grow by learning more about what... (More)

2 Factor Authentication and improve security of your workspace in Skore

On Friday (10th of September 2021, 9:30 Uk time) we will run a drop-in session on tips to improve security of your content in Skore.

The technical team is in charge of securing the infrastructure of the Skore platform. As a user of Skore, here are the tools available to you to increase security even more.

1 - Secure authentication

Authentication is how to make sure only the right people can log into the system.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On, the ability to log into Skore using your usual corporate credentials have been available for years. This is... (More)

Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

Skore Basics: Applying a new workspace diagram template to an existing process

What we are seeing more and more from our users, is that the more familiar and competent they are becoming with Skore, the more they are unlocking the style features to create visually engaging processes.

The style or look of a process can be altered in many ways:

- Updating the workspace diagram template with new configurations/attributes of its process objects.

- Creating process keys or mapping standards that you would like displayed on every process.

- Started to utilise the publish & approval features in Skore, and thereby want to display dynamic version control data on their processes.

-... (More)

Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

New Feature Alert - Configure links to open in a separate tab

A recent deployment saw the addition of a new feature to the Skore platform.

Background Information

Prior to this deployment, clicking any links within a process (process to process or box to box) will have meant navigating away from your current location in the platform. It became apparent that is some situations you may wish the destination link to open in a new tab, thereby retaining your current location on a given process diagram.

A good example of where this has been a constraint in the past is landing pages or dashboards.

The New Feature

A new feature implemented in... (More)