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What templates would you like to see in Skore's forthcoming Process Template Library?

Hi All

Many members of our Community have expressed interest in being able to access and share process templates for different business process scenarios - from common ones such as Procure to Pay, Employee Onboarding through to, well, pretty much... (More)

Have you used the Archive in Skore? I've noticed a number of users still have the demo content visible in their workspaces after they have started using Skore. If you no longer need these processes, as well as the tutorial,... (More)

There are a couple of approaches. The easiest is to select all the boxes at the top level and then copy and paste into a new process. This works but can sometimes take a while for a large process.

Perhaps... (More)

Start & end arrow options

We have given even more love to line settings recently. Last week we made it look better when lines are crossing each other; this week it's about the start and end arrows.

There is now a stylesheet option to toggle... (More)