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Skrum is our bi-monthly ideas sharing and networking event open to business change and transformation practitioners.

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In November we launch the first SkrumX webinar!

SkrumX is a 45 minute masterclass, bringing expert insights on all things process improvement. We are delighted to have guest speaker and expert Thomas West, Master Black Belt, Green Dot Consulting Group joining us to explain the power of Lean process improvement techniques. You can register for the event via this link  

Skrum - Watch the event here

At yesterday's Skrum event we explored the challenges and opportunities that the Onboarding process can bring.

A great event with some powerful insights and experiences shared. A massive thank you once again to our guest panel and the attendees for their contributions. 

If you'd like to watch the event again or you missed out - you can access the recording here 


Craig Willis
Improving Processes
Don't forget Skrum today at midday UK time / 1pm CEST.

Join us over lunch and hear from our panel discussing the challenges of rapid and unexpected change.

Sign up here, there's still time:
Craig Willis
Improving Processes
This weekend's travel disruption has shown us how a significant and rapid change can have a major impact. Even when the change is expected have you done everything you can to protect yourself?

Join us this Thursday at Skrum to explore this very topic.

Starting at 12pm UK time, our panel of experts with discuss their experiences with large scale and sudden change and the tools and techniques they have used to manage it.

Sign up here:

We look forward to seeing there!