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Check out our '"How to" video collection. You can find it at:

Skore youtube page


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Marketing Assistant
Hi Everyone,

just wanted to let know about the new videos we posted on our Youtube channel. We have three new videos showing you how to print your process map in Skore. Take a look here:

Output from last Friday's Drop In session on the new Quantify module - 3 new "How to Videos" from Colin!

Hi All

Many thanks to those who attended last Friday' session where Colin took us through the new Quantify module's capabilities. Your feedback was really useful - so much so that Colin has shot 3 new videos which you can find here:

New Quantify Deep Dive 1: duration, costs and volume simulation (11 minutes)

New Quantify Deep Dive 2: compare scenarios (4 minutes)

New Quantify Deep Dive 3: team sizing (FTE) for various scenarios (8 minutes)

Please contact me to book a session to walk through any of these and how to apply them to your ongoing work.

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"How to" Videos

Hi All

Just wanted to draw your attention to our '"How to" video collection that we are building. You can find it at:

Skore youtube page

There are some really useful (and short!) videos here answering many of the FAQ's that arise from our Users.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for new videos that we could produce that would help you!



Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager
How To Video: Linking to another process.