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User Drop-Ins
User Drop-Ins

Skore public Drop In sessions are open to anyone that wants to learn more about Skore. Each week we cover a different topic followed by questions and answers.

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Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

This Week's Guest Speaker Drop-In - Saying no to complex 50-page requirement documents

24th September 2021 9:30am UK Time

We have the pleasure to announce community member @Thomas Vose as this week's guest speaker for our regular Friday Drop-in session. Tom is from DigiBlu an award winning, internationally recognised leader in Intelligent Automation.

Join the session here

Session Overview

So often, a requirements document for an automation workflow results in a complex, 50+ document that is signed-off, but hard to follow. In this session, Tom from Digiblu, will show us how they’ve challenged and changed this approach by using Skore to create engaging, simple automation to-be processes directly into the software.

A little... (More)

Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

New Process Template Alert - The Process of Process Management

With many years of experience supporting large organisations with Process Management initiatives, the team here at Skore have started to develop some resources to help you get started quickly.

@Craig Willis introduced the first of these resources during a recent drop-in session - The Process of Process Management.

A particularly useful resource if you are asking yourself the question: How do I manage large numbers of processes and users and ensure they take full advantage of a platform such as Skore?

We've now made this process template available to everyone in the Process Template Library. So head over there... (More)

Sam Leitch
Customer Success Manager

Drop-In Session Recording - Securing Your Skore Workspace

In this session CTO @Colin Claverie explored the available functionality in Skore that helps you ensure only the right people can access your workspace, without putting up too may barriers!

Main session Topics

Topic 1 - Secure authentication

Authentication is how to make sure only the right people can log into the system.

  • Single Sign On
    • Single Sign On, the ability to log into Skore using your usual corporate credentials.
  • NEW: 2 Factor Authentication
    • "2FA" is a way to secure your user account. This is done by asking users a second "factor", a secret keyword generated with an authenticator app.... (More)

Making the most of Custom Fields - Skore Drop In - Friday Sep 17th @ 9.30am UK time

In this week's drop in session we will be looking at the powerful Custom Field functionality in Skore.

Whether you're capturing Requirements, Questions, ideas or any other process related information, Custom Fields are fast and easy way to do that in the context of your process.

Custom Fields can be created at anytime and Skore provides powerful reporting and analysis features to help you uncover hidden patterns in your data.

Join me this Friday to learn more about the power of Custom Fields: